We provide state of the art facilities in our campus. We have ensured that the most modern lab facilities are available to our students.

Computer Education

com-lab-1Computer Education initiates our young students into the captivating world of computing, and introduces them to its wide and ever increasing range of applications.

We commence computer education from lower classes itself. We make sure that high end machines are available for each child.  Our computer lab is spacious and occupies two rooms with the latest computers.

Science and Math Labs

amita_lab1Our Amrita Vidyalayam has well equipped science labs, and we focus mainly on hands-on practical work so that the students may get a better insight into scientific theories.   This enhances the inherent inquisitiveness of the student  and energises him to examine uncharted paths.

amita_lab2We have three science labs, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, with each occupying two rooms.  In these labs, we have the most modern scientific equipment and teaching aids which reflect the high standard of education set by us.

Our Math lab, a fresh concept in the educational field, helps students to understand mathematical principles through exercises, models and teaching aids.


lib22Our library occupies a spacious room with a large collection of about 6000 books on a wide variety of topics. Books on spirituality, foreign publications, Encyclopaedias, Literary works in English and Malayalam, etc. are available.  In addition to this, we also have rare reference books that help to enhance the knowledge of the students.

Our school promotes reading, and encourages students to cultivate a reading habit which in turn can help them to augment their knowledge and language skills



Physical fitness is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.  Sports provide an excellent opportunity for our students to stay fit and develop team spirit and friendship among other things.

The school has taken great care to ensure that all sports requirements are met and our children are benefited by the same. We have one room for sports related activities and have provision for indoor games such as carrom, chess and table tennis. Ample facilities for outdoor games such as volley ball, hand ball, foot ball, cricket, kho – kho and badminton are available, since we have the respective play grounds.



Our school has a well developed transportation facility that is available to both students and staff.  We have a fleet of 10 buses that connect the school to various selected locations across the town and its outskirts.

Other Facilities and Provisions

Our 4 storeyed school building has 3 staff rooms and 1 room each for the Principal, H.M., and the school office.

We have 42 class rooms, 3 science labs, 1 math lab, 1 library, 1 computer lab, 1 examination room, 1 large conference room about the size of 6 class rooms, 1 drawing room, 1 resting room, 1 sports room, 1 TV room, and 2 music rooms. Here we teach computer as work experience. For E-Learning and internet facilities, the junior and senior computer labs are connected through LAN. One computer is provided with internet facility for teachers’ reference. We also have a modern Audio Visual room with projector. 3 separate halls are available for conducting cultural and other programmes.

The school has 24-hour uninterrupted water supply and electrical supply with backup provisions.  The best, hygienic and separate sanitation facilities for girls and boys are available. Separate treated drinking water supply is available.

First aid is available in the campus itself and higher medical facilities are available nearby.

Planning is in progress to start boy scouts and girl guides. Eco Nature club, Heath & Wellness club, Literary club, Science club, Math club etc. are all very active in our school. The students have their own plants and they take care of them. They plant several saplings every year on World Environment day. Health Club members conduct regular health check-ups for the students.

Our school has won the Championship in Sahodaya cultural, literary, music & sports events.

Our students are appreciated by neighbouring schools and others for their integrity, good behaviour and strong foundation in human values.

Counselling facilities are provided in the school for students who need it. Career guidance is provided every year by Dr. Krishna Kumar, Director, Amrita School of Arts & Sciences, Kochi, for students of classes IX – XII.

The nearest bus stand is in Palakkad, 7 km away, and the nearest railway station is the Palakkad Town station, about 6 km away. The nearest airport is at Coimbatore, approximately 100 km away.